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04 December 2005 @ 04:23 pm
[Alice] Day 1: The Worlds Collide  
Alice and Mayura were over at Kyo's uncle's shop. All their Lotis friends had come for a visit. Frey, Pai Mei Lin, Billy, Chris, and Nyozeka were all there.

"This is great that we can all meet up again like this," Alice said this after greeting everyone. Everyone nodded their aggreement.

"So Alice how far have you and Kyo gotten?" Frey asked this with a mischevious glint in his eye. Alice and Kyo just turned crimson at his words.

"F-f-frey, Um, would you like some tea? Yes? I'll go get some." Alice quickly walked to the kitchen to get the tea.

Kyo's uncle and Maki were standing in the back of the shop, smiling happily that his friends were here to visit. They both knew that after meeting these people, their nephew became a lot more open with his feelings.

As Alice came back with some tea, Kyo came in with a camera. "Ok, everyone. Let's get a good group picture. Uncle can you help take the picture?"

"Oh, sure." Kyo's uncle came over and took the camera, while everyone crowded around to get in the picture.

The camera had just gone "click", when all of a sudden a loud rumbling could be heard. Everything seemed to distorting, like when you lose your connection and get a loud buzzing when watching tv. Soon the sounds stopped after a big "thud", and everything went quiet.

((This is how I'd like the post to be. About Nyozeka, whoever plays her has to tell me if you want her to be in a human incarnation form, or in bunny form. Please pick a color and give me the code for it. There will be a post to help figure out which color is which. For your character, if I've already given a color and you'd like to change it, leave a comment in the color post.))
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