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07 January 2006 @ 10:48 pm
"Damn Flippy, I should have just gone ahead myself."

Tsuki stood there mumbling to herself. She had planned to meet up with Flippy before going down to see Tanpopo. Now because Flippy was running late, and they would both be late meeting up with the gang. This was a precious day to spend some time with Tanpopo, and Flippy was now ruining it.

"Damn, I've got no reception here. How am I supposed to get in touch with Flippy to yell at him?!"

Standing there a couple minutes longer, Tsuki decided enough was enough. She had barely started walking away when Flippy came running up.

"Hold on...wait," Flippy managed to say that while breathing heavily from running so much.

"You have the nerve to say that to me?! I've been waiting here for around 30 minutes already! What took you so long anyways?"

Flippy's reply was cut off as a distant rumbling started. All of a sudden everything got distorted and was shaking. Tsuki and Flippy held onto one another and they shut their eyes tight as everything went dark.

When Tsuki and Flippy opened their eyes, they no longer knew the landscape. It was definitely not their world.

"What's going on?!" Tsuki was bewildered and frightened. What could possibly cause these things to happen?

"This is like that American Movie, The Wizard of Oz."

As Flippy spoke, Tsuki noticed they were still hugging. Quickly she pushed herself away from him and started to look around. Still blushing, she spotted something moving in the distance. Slowly moving over to it, she realized it was Tanpopo.

"Hey Flippy, it's Tanpopo. How'd she get here too?" Tsuki yelled this to Flippy as she ran over to Tanpopo. Exen as she asked how Tanpopo had gotten here, Tsuki wondered where here was.

((OOC: Sorry that I haven't been doing anything with the RPG. I've been kinda preoccupied. But I promise to work harder. ^_^))
09 December 2005 @ 09:23 am
Tanpopo had been looking forward to this day for a long time; finally, her friends were able to come visit her again. Koki already lived close by and was attending a university in Hokkaido, so he didn't have to travel far to come visit her. She did hope, though, that he would arrive before the others did.

She wanted to give all her friends gifts and what better gift than a flower in a flowerpot. As Tanpopo knelt on the ground picking the best one for her friends and placing them in the pot, she smiled remembering when she attended Meio Academy. She had a lot of fun (and drama) when they all were together in the Planting Committee.

"Ah, finally! I finished everyone's flowerpot. Let's go, Poplar. We still have a lot to do before everyone gets here."

Popular jumped onto Tanpopo's shoulder and then settled down on her head before she rose with the flowerpots and returned to the house.

Whenever her friends visited her, Tanpopo's mind was flooded with memories from the past, good and bad. She thought about Erika and was glad she was much better now then before. Her and Yoji had been going back and forth with e-mails and... "Maybe... they'll end up with each other after all." Tanpopo couldn't help but snicker, she thought it was cute and romantic if they did.

She adjusted herself since she was holding a lot of flowerpots and tried her best to open the door. Tanpopo couldn't hold them all and two of them fell from her grip. "No! Koki! Flippy!" She tried to catch them before they hit the ground, when suddenly everything began to swirl. A loud ringing filled her ears; she closed her eyes and dropped everything to cover them. Tanpopo's eyes widened when she realized she let go of everything, but nothing was clear. There were swirls everywhere. She closed her eyes again.

Silence. She couldn't hear anything and was too afraid to open her eyes. Koki, help me!
04 December 2005 @ 04:23 pm
Alice and Mayura were over at Kyo's uncle's shop. All their Lotis friends had come for a visit. Frey, Pai Mei Lin, Billy, Chris, and Nyozeka were all there.

"This is great that we can all meet up again like this," Alice said this after greeting everyone. Everyone nodded their aggreement.

"So Alice how far have you and Kyo gotten?" Frey asked this with a mischevious glint in his eye. Alice and Kyo just turned crimson at his words.

"F-f-frey, Um, would you like some tea? Yes? I'll go get some." Alice quickly walked to the kitchen to get the tea.

Kyo's uncle and Maki were standing in the back of the shop, smiling happily that his friends were here to visit. They both knew that after meeting these people, their nephew became a lot more open with his feelings.

As Alice came back with some tea, Kyo came in with a camera. "Ok, everyone. Let's get a good group picture. Uncle can you help take the picture?"

"Oh, sure." Kyo's uncle came over and took the camera, while everyone crowded around to get in the picture.

The camera had just gone "click", when all of a sudden a loud rumbling could be heard. Everything seemed to distorting, like when you lose your connection and get a loud buzzing when watching tv. Soon the sounds stopped after a big "thud", and everything went quiet.

((This is how I'd like the post to be. About Nyozeka, whoever plays her has to tell me if you want her to be in a human incarnation form, or in bunny form. Please pick a color and give me the code for it. There will be a post to help figure out which color is which. For your character, if I've already given a color and you'd like to change it, leave a comment in the color post.))
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04 December 2005 @ 04:04 pm
Well, I've got the plot down for the most part. Check community info to find the plot.

The rpg is going to start, but that doesn't mean that all the spot are taken. There are still more. So please email me with some applications. ^_^
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04 December 2005 @ 03:18 am
This is the community for the rpg of four of Yuu Watase's mangas. In this rpg The worlds of Alice 19th, Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, and Imadoki will all collide. How they collide is unknown to me. But if you have some suggestions please leave a comment or email me at piffle512@hotmail.com.

Accepting applications, so please join, there are many spots open. ^_^
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