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09 December 2005 @ 09:23 am
[Tanpopo] Day 1: Worlds Collide  
Tanpopo had been looking forward to this day for a long time; finally, her friends were able to come visit her again. Koki already lived close by and was attending a university in Hokkaido, so he didn't have to travel far to come visit her. She did hope, though, that he would arrive before the others did.

She wanted to give all her friends gifts and what better gift than a flower in a flowerpot. As Tanpopo knelt on the ground picking the best one for her friends and placing them in the pot, she smiled remembering when she attended Meio Academy. She had a lot of fun (and drama) when they all were together in the Planting Committee.

"Ah, finally! I finished everyone's flowerpot. Let's go, Poplar. We still have a lot to do before everyone gets here."

Popular jumped onto Tanpopo's shoulder and then settled down on her head before she rose with the flowerpots and returned to the house.

Whenever her friends visited her, Tanpopo's mind was flooded with memories from the past, good and bad. She thought about Erika and was glad she was much better now then before. Her and Yoji had been going back and forth with e-mails and... "Maybe... they'll end up with each other after all." Tanpopo couldn't help but snicker, she thought it was cute and romantic if they did.

She adjusted herself since she was holding a lot of flowerpots and tried her best to open the door. Tanpopo couldn't hold them all and two of them fell from her grip. "No! Koki! Flippy!" She tried to catch them before they hit the ground, when suddenly everything began to swirl. A loud ringing filled her ears; she closed her eyes and dropped everything to cover them. Tanpopo's eyes widened when she realized she let go of everything, but nothing was clear. There were swirls everywhere. She closed her eyes again.

Silence. She couldn't hear anything and was too afraid to open her eyes. Koki, help me!