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Watase Mangas RPG

The Worlds Meet

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This is an RPG about the clash of the Yuu Watase mangas Alice 19th, Ayashi no Ceres, Fushigi Yuugi, and Imadoki. Here's the main plot:

One day in all the worlds, everything started to become distorted, then all of a sudden the worlds collided, creating one new world. All the characters are are at a lost as to how this happened. They will meet and interact, according to how you rp them to. They are trying to find the cause for the collision. If that's not clear enough email me and let me know. Then I will fix it. ^_^

This rpg is going to be in the third person. You only have to know at least one of the series to be in the rpg. It is not necessary to know all of them. ^_^

I'm accepting applications for the rpg. Please send it to piffle512@hotmail.com. ^_^

1. You must know at least one of the series.
2. You MUST know your character(s).
3. You can swear, but please keep it to a minimum.
4. Please post at least once a week.
5. OOC comments must have double parentheses around them. ((Like this.))
6. Please don't use chatspeak when posting.
7. The rpg will all be on livejournal.
8. Please put which character you are in the subject of the post. This will help tell which character is posting. :D
9. This rpg will be in the third person.
10. When sending applications, please join the community. I don't know how to invite members, so please join the community ahead of time.
11. Last, but not least, HAVE FUN! :D



LJ username:

Email Address:

Character(s) of choice:

Why did you pick these character(s)?:

Have you RPGed before? if so for how long?:

If you're bringing in a character not listed, please give me some info on the character(s):

Which series do you know?:

Here's a list of characters and open spots:

Alice 19th:
~Alice - crazy_bookworm
~Mayura - naive_nostalgia
~Kyo - demeter
~Nyozeka - faerieofthesnow
~Pai Mei Lin

Ayashi no Ceres:
~Ceres - radiantgrimoire
~Aya - radiantgrimoire
~Mrs. Q
~Suzumi - naive_nostalgia
~Chidori - faerieofthesnow

Fushigi Yuugi:
~Yui - naive_nostalgia
~Tamahome - fbi_serenity
~Lady Houki
~Tama-neko - monkeyzrawesome

~Tanpopo - damaen
~Koki - fbi_serenity
~Aoi (Flippy) - monkeyzrawesome
~Tsuki - crazy_bookworm
~Poplar - monkeyzrawesome

If you know some characters I've missed then please email me that information, or leave a comment in the first post.

I've added a post for colors. Please check it out. ^_^